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Many of the health conditions listed in this chart require immediate veterinary attention. If your dog is showing symptoms of an illness or injury, don’t wait -- contact your veterinarian right away to schedule an appointment.

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PetCareRx | Pet Meds and Supplies - Pet Medications and

Get the top-selling pet meds and pet supplies. With high-quality pet medications, food and more, PetCareRx is your personalized answer for happier, healthier pets.

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Happy Hug your Cat Day, Cat Lovers! Today is the day when pet parents everywhere take a few extra moments to thank their feline friends for being the purring, cuddly bundles of joy that make us smile every day.Today is all about showing your pet some love, and this isn't limited to just giving out (occasionally unwanted) hugs!

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4 Ways to Keep Your Pets off Your Furniture | PetCareRx

Keeping pets off furniture is one of those debatable priorities among pet parents. Some pet parents want to cuddle with their pets on the furniture, even if it means having a stinky and hairy sofa.Other pet parents love their pets equally well, but feel that furniture is for people, and they don’t mind taking whatever measures necessary to enforce the no-pets-on-the-furniture rule.

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Keep Off! Repellent For Cats & Kittens is a perfect aid for training cats to stay off furniture,draperies, counters, table tops and more. Helps keep cats away from houseplants, outdoor plants and other undesirable areas. Repels cats for up to 24 hours when applied daily. Safe & effective for use indoors & outdoors.

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How to Save on Dog Insulin | PetCareRx

Taking care of a diabetic dog can be a costly endeavor. Insulin-- the hormone that regulates glucose levels in the blood -- is the most important part of your dog’s treatment, and it can also be the most expensive.But it doesn’t have to be. Here we’ll share some tips for saving money on your dog’s insulin. How Much Does Dog Diabetes Cost?

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Vetmedin | PetCareRx

Vetmedin, when used in combination with other medications, is effective in the management of specific types of congestive heart failure in dogs. Vetmedin assists in improving the heart's function, as well as reducing the heart's workload.

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Apoquel | PetCareRx

Ultimate Guide to Apoquel Meet the Itchy Skin Reliever: Apoquel! Apoquel is the veterinarian-approved and FDA-approved dog medication that is used to control a dog 's pruritus (i.e., itchiness) from skin disease caused by allergic and atopic dermatitis.

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